We are THRILLED to announce that C4K has been selected as the primary beneficiary for the 2019 Charlottesville Ten Miler race on 23 March 2019! Do you want to run ten miles to support youth mentoring at C4K!? Would you like some custom C4K running swag?! Join our running crew, Team C4K!

Please register for the race here. Once you are signed up for the race, and you would like to join Team C4K, click below.

Each “Team C4K” runner is asked to seek individual sponsorship of $50 or more from friends and family. 100% of funds raised through individual sponsorship will go directly to supporting youth STEM mentoring at C4K.

Team C4K Runners are:


What does it mean to be a part of Team C4K? It is a way for people who are already running the Charlottesville Ten Miler race to help raise the profile of C4K and raise funds – 100% of which are invested in youth mentoring.

How much do I need to raise? Each “Team C4K” runner is asked to seek individual sponsorship of $50 (or much more) from friends and family. Donate here!

Do I have to run at the same pace as other Team C4K runners? No! You run your own race, at your own speed!

What is the C4K swag? A custom moisture-wicking t-shirt and retro wristband!

Can I invite a friend to join Team C4K too? Yes please – the more the merrier!

Tell me more about the race. Sure! Click here.