At C4K, we combine mentoring and technology to prepare youth for brighter futures!

C4K combines mentoring and technology to prepare youth for brighter futures. We believe that all youth should have access to mentors and an education that equips them for future college and careers. We prepare youth for a future full of choice. 

We provide mentoring in a creative, safe, and supportive out-of-school learning environment. We give youth access to professional-grade technology, project-based learning, and youth leadership opportunities.

Mentoring and education are powerful evidence-based and effective tools we use to empower youth. We connect people to each other for authentic mentoring relationships. We nurture a positive, inclusive and empowered community of learners.

At C4K, youth learn by participating in:

  • Nine+ months of 1:1 mentoring
  • Drop-in group mentoring
  • Exposure to tech careers through job shadowing, field trips, and guest speakers
  • Access to resources through The Clubhouse Network

Through our latest Youth Impact Survey, youth report increased proficiency in STEAM skills. Responses indicate that we are a place where members feel a meaningful sense of belonging. 100% of C4K members said they felt their mentors accepted them, and 100% felt they could trust their mentors.

Come fly with us! Take a behind-the-scenes drone tour our space to see where youth and mentors create STEAM projects.

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